Port 357

Port 357 Real Estate Development tasked Christian with visually transforming their building & helping to drive interest in their property. An entire building wrap of commercial design art on their apartment building was brought to life. Six months after the completion of the creative project, all units were fully occupied. Key elements included painting a detailed mural on 3000 square ft. of exposed cinder block wrapping the entire building, painting and designing the front concrete steps, metal railings, & walkway, and designing & painting parking lot dividers. Featured elements of the mural include a memorial section for the Canadian soldier ‘Craig Blake’ & the ferry commemorating his name, an 8ft.x10ft. female portrait signifying the song by musician ‘Matt Mays,' 'Queen of Portland’, the Macdonald bridge, Sullivan’s Pond geese, & semi abstract individual letters of ‘PORT’ balanced around the building each measuring approximately 10ft.x8ft. each.