Bronze Life Size Blue Heron, 2 Ducks, & Landscaping Installation

Christian was awarded the Town of Sackville, New Brunswick’s large public art sculpture RFP and directed all stages of the project from initial concept to final installation and unveiling. Over a one year period of sculpture modelings, meetings, consultations, material & site design, in depth involvement in working with a foundry, landscaping, and project managing the installation; culminated in a bronze 6ft tall blue heron, and 2 ducks being created by the artist.

The “…installed sculpture by artist Christian Toth, titled “Heron’s Watch”, has drawn universal praise for it’s beauty and appropriate connection to Sackville and the nearby Tantramar Marsh. The bronze sculpture features two ducks, one standing and one sitting. Overlooking the two ducks is a majestic heron. The three birds sit on a landscaped pedestal and viewed together offer an impressive commemoration to the marsh and its waterfowl inhabitants. The ducks are named Grace Annie (after Grace Annie Lockhart, a famous graduate of Mount Allison University), and Willy. The heron is named Erin, and the whole sculpture is titled “Heron’s Watch”. The names of the birds and the sculpture were all submitted by local children during a naming contest. The contest winners were Marek Tower, Sophie Boomer-Searle, Dorothée Desrochers, and Ella Snowdon.” – Town of Sackville